The Innovative Waterford Mask

Not pretty fabric on a worn out idea ~ We're setting New Respirator Standards for the 21st Century!

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Filters Massively, Anti-Microbial

Captures 99% of all particles down to .01 micron, kills bacteria and viruses naturally, boilable up to 100 times.

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The Waterford Mask

Preparedness, Security and Peace of Mind are a personal choice. 

See how we are bringing a 200 year old concept into the modern age by designing comfort, durability and value.  

No other mask will keep you and your loved ones safe like Waterford Mask!


New Standards for Respirator Protection

Waterford Mask
  • Antimicrobial Protection

    Silver particles bonded to our filter material captures and kills 99% of all airborne pathogens.

  • Reusable

    Simply boil, or autoclave, and reuse … up to 100 times! 

  • Large Air Vents

    Uniquely allows breathing thru the nose of exhaled CO2 and heat plus enables clearer communication.

  • Soft Silicone Facial Seals

    Our facial skirt is designed to seal comfortably for extended periods of time and effectively seal against a wide variety of face sizes & shapes.