The patented Waterford Mask is an easy to wear advanced respirator system. It has been uniquely designed for enhanced breathability while allowing bi-directional protection in a reusable mask filtration system. This filtration system utilizes a patented biocidal filter, which has been tested to be 98% effective in killing airborne pathogens.
It's affordable.
It's reusable. You can autoclave or boil the mask system up to 100 times.
It's effective and it’s the top weapon in the war on airborne germs.

Prepared. Protected. Purified.

It's more than just a tagline. It’s a way of life.


The Waterford Mask is the brainchild of visionary inventor Steve Waterford. A few years back while researching a reusable technology project, Steve began researching warnings from health agencies around the world including the CDC, of an impending Global pandemic. With the resurgence of killer viruses like Ebola in Africa and ever more vaccine resistant strains of influenza, Candida Auris and more, Health Agencies all around the world began raising the red flag. Our modern society is the perfect incubator for a killer pandemic of global proportion. Epidemiologists do not talk of whether there will be a new pandemic but when it will occur. Global travel has now allowed a potential killer virus to spread worldwide within 24 hours.

You only need to look around to see how the world is becoming an ever more dangerous place. The air we breathe becomes more polluted every day. Industrial waste, urban growth with smog, car emissions and scenarios like the California fires illustrate the growing need to be able to breathe clean air.

While discovering this information, Steve realized that the world was grossly unprepared for this eventuality. The respirators most commonly used are seriously ineffective and under supplied. In the case of a global pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.7 to 3.5 billion masks would be needed just for Healthcare Workers alone for just a 90-day supply yet less the a billion exist at any given time. In addition, most are supplied by international countries such as China, Mexico and Vietnam.

At a U.S. Health Conference in 2010, standards were outlined to define a genuinely effective respirator. A report was issued asking for 28 improvements to respirator designs including the need for a reusable respirator. Inspired by this real need, Steve set out to develop a mask that met or surpassed all those standards. That's the standard that we have accomplished.


Early in the development of the mask, it became apparent that one of the groups most at risk in a pandemic scenario, are the very people we need the most, first responders and health care professionals. They are our first line of defense in a catastrophic disease outbreak. However, the respirators that these professionals currently have access to are viewed as largely ineffective. In a 2013 study by the Respiratory Protection for Health Care Workers Organization, found that healthcare professionals complained about the N95 respirators for the following reasons: uncomfortable, too hot, didn’t allow moisture out, they had difficulty breathing and difficulty speaking. These complaints are why healthcare workers often refuse to wear their respirators which puts them at risk of contracting the disease. After the 2003 SARS epidemic, research showed that 43% of fatalities were healthcare workers. Many these workers put themselves at higher risk because they just couldn’t stand wearing uncomfortable, hot respiratory protection. In the case of a pandemic if the doctors and nurses go down, so do we.

What most people misunderstand is that the current respirators have not changed significantly since the Civil War and were meant to protect the patient from the Doctor but not the Doctor. The Waterford Mask respirator not only eliminates 98% of airborne pathogens entering the mask, its biocidal bi-directional filter kills germs while the wearer breaths in and out, providing maximum protection in both directions, protecting the wearer and those in proximity.

As our development process continued more and more useful applications presented themselves beyond critical care. We discovered people concerned about pollution in large industrial cities, Government agencies, Construction groups, the Mining industry, the Oil and Gas Industries…the list goes on and on.

The Waterford Mask System is the best solution to a very real widespread problem that no one seems to be addressing, until NOW.


Let's face it, the world is a pretty dirty place. From the moment you set foot outside your door you are being assaulted by an army of germs and pathogens. If you go to the grocery store, a shopping mall, even if you just walk down the city street, you are under attack. The world is not just dirty place, it's also gotten smaller. With the ease of travel. The threat of a disease spreading worldwide is greater than ever. But it’s not just about disease, scores of 9/11 first responders fell seriously ill because they either had inferior respirators or stopped wearing them due to comfort issues. Everyone remembers those vivid images of those first responders coated in dust and dirt from the building collapses and their faces covered with dirt, soot, asbestos, and other carcinogenic particles.

Taking a normal nasal breath of genuinely clean air is a rare event these days. When you use a Waterford Mask, you know the only thing you're breathing is clean pure air. And that's as good as it gets. You truly are prepared, protected, and purified.



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In the last few years, we have been bombarded with a series of natural disasters. We have been confronted with floods, fires, hurricanes and all kinds of natural disasters. They all leave massive paths of destruction in their wake. The cleanups are usually massive undertakings in very unsanitary conditions. Every government agency charged with participating in disaster aid and cleanups needs to be equipped with the Waterford Mask. FEMA, The National Guard, Homeland Security, any Agency charged with protecting its Citizens should have a supply of Waterford Masks on hand.


Construction is a messy business. Digging, sanding, sawing, painting, blasting it seems like every aspect of the construction business fills the air with things you breathe. A perfect example is tearing down a building that kicks up asbestos and dust which place workers at risk of long-term health problems. The Waterford Mask biocidal filter offers broad-spectrum protection against airborne pathogens, and the large side vents mean superior breathability and improved communication when it’s needed most.

The respirators currently used for these applications are uncomfortable, heavy and bulky, don’t allow for clear communication and are very expensive. Not only that but it makes breathing challenging and wearing them for more than a few minutes at a time is problematic. With the Waterford Mask, workers can wear them comfortably for extended periods of time, 8+ hours and concentrate on their job productivity. Our masks are easily cleaned and can be reused up to hundred times. Waterford Masks is the logical choice for protection and value.


One look at a coal miners face and you understand why the Waterford Mask is THE perfect solution for the mining industry. Underground in a closed environment, with dust particles that cause black lung and other diseases, you need the best protection you can get. No longer will miners require as many breathing breaks because their respirator is clogged and they’re unable to breathe effectively. That’s the Waterford Mask.


Any Industry that requires their workers to wear a protective mask should consider the Waterford Mask System. No other protective mask is made to be comfortably worn for extended hours, 8+, yet permits a broad spectrum of particulate capture. Human Resource Departments will be ecstatic over our passive Seal Test Scissors that allow easy verification of a tight facial seal required by OHSA. As industrial health and safety standards rise, new tools are needed to protect employees. The Waterford Mask is your “go to” protective tool.


Surgical masks were originally designed to protect the patient. The Waterford Mask provides not only superior protection from both inhaled and exhaled pathogens, but its supreme comfort means it can be worn during long work cycles or surgeries, 8+ hours.


The cruise ship and shipping industries will benefit greatly using the Waterford Mask. As passengers and crew members disembark onto different continents, they can be exposed to harmful pathogens and unknowingly bring them back onboard the ships. Our respirator will help the crew members, healthcare staff and passengers contain any pathogens and limit its ability to spread. Additionally, maintenance personnel charged with the ship’s upkeep would find the Waterford Mask indispensable. In addition, with the continual fears of Norovirus outbreaks, who are the people who administer aid and comfort to these individuals? What are they protected with?


Our Women and Men who protect us in times of emergency deserve the best protection. When arriving on the scene, First Responders are thinking not only about their own protection but mostly the protection of those in need. In an emergency, you want to equip the first responders with the best tools available.


Prepared for anything. From burning oil fields to exploded burning buildings and chemical warfare, our military are the people who put their lives at risk to protect our freedom and our way of life. We must equip them with the best technology available, every person in the military should be issued a Waterford Mask. It should become part of their uniform. It's their best defense against things in the air that want to kill you.


Taking the seat on an airplane is like taking a seat in a germ incubator. It's a closed environment, with recirculating air. One single sneeze from a passenger can send as many as 200 million individual virus particles throughout the entire plane. Multiply that by 100-300 passengers, and you get the frightening picture. In a matter of hours, an infected Airline passenger can spread a virus to an uncountable number of people who then potentially connect on another plane and infect another 100-300 passengers worldwide. When Airline staff are concerned about a passenger’s health and the safety of others, they need the Waterford Mask System. With its N95 filter standard and 98% biocidal efficiency, the Waterford Mask provides the best protection available when you fly.



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Are You a Mouth Breather? Maybe It's Time for a Change.

Did you know that constantly breathing through your mouth can cause certain health problems?

While breathing through your mouth may be very common for many people, it isn’t the most effective and best way humans were designed to breathe. Breathing through your mouth can cause a variety of potential health problems over time. It’s also important to check that your children are not forming unhealthy habits at an early age by breathing through their mouths.

Why is breathing through your nose regularly better for your health?

When you breathe in through your nose, the air you inhale is warmed and moistened naturally before it flows into your lungs. When you breathe in through your mouth, cold, dry air fills your lungs and that requires an extra load warming the air coming into your body. As a result of excessive mouth breathing, issues of dry mouth occur regularly. With the absence of enough saliva being present in your mouth, you become more susceptible to cavities due to the fact that the presence of saliva helps to wash away bacteria continuously from your mouth.

The problems caused by always breathing through your mouth

What is even more serious is that mouth breathing can lead to permanent skeletal deformities in children, as excessive mouth breathing promotes overgrowth in the upper jaw and lesser growth in the child’s lower jaw. This can cause a large overbite to develop that will need to be corrected down the line, along with other health issues.

In addition to this, breathing in through your mouth while sleeping can dry out the soft tissue in your mouth. This can lead to chronically bad breath and continually inflamed gums, which can cause bleeding.

On top of these negative side effects, mouth breathing can create issues for people while sleeping, namely sleep apnea, because breathing through your mouth over the course of a whole night can limit the ability to take in enough oxygen. With more and more research coming out emphasizing the importance of getting good quality sleep, the negative impact of mouth breathing is clear. In both children and adults, poor sleep habits can impair our abilities to pay attention and concentrate at work or school. Feeling exhausted day in and day out is something that no one ever wants to experience. Sleep apnea has led to serious health issues and death.

Take the time to address your mouth breathing issue now

After realizing that you may be a mouth breather, it’s important to take corrective steps to address the issue. Using a humidifier while sleeping may help in the meantime, along with an application of Vitamin E to your gums right before bed.

If you suspect you or your child is a mouth breather, seeing a dentist for an exam may be one solution to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Obstruction in nasal passages can be a common issue for many suffering from chronic mouth breathing.

If you are looking for a respirator with superior breathability, look to the Waterford Mask

At Waterford Mask Systems, we’re fascinated by all things related to breathability. If you need solid pathogen protection for your day-to-day tasks, one way you can enhance your breathability is with a Waterford Mask. Our masks are:

  • Designed to Protect
  • Engineered for Comfort
  • Offers Superior Breathability
  • 100% boilable and reusable

For protecting your personal health and safety, the advantage in choosing a Waterford Mask is clear. If you’re ready for superior protection and comfort that promotes all day healthy breathing, order your Waterford Mask today.


The Waterford Mask was primarily developed in hope of reducing the loss of life through a Pandemic and to be easily, practically stockpiled for that purpose as well. For those who would be on the front line of defense (i.e: our healthcare and security providers) and also those commonly called “Preppers”, these intros, quotes & links below could be of interest and helpful. So here goes:

"Research highlights 3 factors that could determine outbreak of pandemic flu"

News Medical Life Sciences Website Link
"Researchers used data from past pandemics, as well as information on potential viral evolution, [which] demonstrates that current response planning may underestimate the pandemic consequences significantly."

"Ebola in the air? A nightmare that could happen"

CNN Website Link
"Today the Ebola virus spreads only through direct contact with bodily fluids, such as blood and vomit. But some of the nation's top infectious disease experts worry that this deadly virus could mutate and be transmitted just by a cough or a sneeze."

"It's the single greatest concern I've ever had in my 40-year public health career," said Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. "I can't imagine anything in my career -- and this includes HIV -- that would be more devastating to the world than a respiratory transmissible Ebola virus."

"What emerging diseases concern the WHO most?"

Outbreak News Today Website Link
"A panel of scientists and public health experts convened by WHO met in Geneva to prioritize the top five-to-ten emerging pathogens likely to cause severe outbreaks in the near future, and for which few or no medical countermeasures exist."

For those that prefer a cinematic learning process, please consider viewing these incredible films:
"CONTAGION" movie trailer:

Link to Video Trailer
This is primarily based upon the SARS outbreak/progression and has some excellent, factual aspects as the famous Director, Steven Soderbergh, hired one of the key scientists that discovered that virus – and was there in Hong Kong - as a consultant and actually incorporated his knowledgeable input.

"93 DAYS" movie trailer:

Link to Video Trailer
Based upon a true story and represents both courage and stupidity in response to the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria.

For those who really want to dig deeper via book reading:

Please read the brilliant book: "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs" by Dr. Osterholm. This book is both eye-opening and vastly inclusive of the wide array of emerging biothreats.

While this sort of research isn't particularly pleasant to explore, it at least helps our potential customers know just how seriously we, at WMS, acknowledge the threats... and have worked to come up with a respirator that can actually be health-preserving & life-saving should the World ever experience such yet again.

Steve Waterford



Waterford Mask Systems was founded with the singular goal of creating a respirator that satisfied the pre-defined need for 28 major improvements recommended in the 2010 B.R.E.A.T.H.E. report. We at Waterford Mask want to set the gold standard for a new higher respirator rating called “B95”.

WMS met those recommendations and surpassed them by becoming reusable, containing an effective proprietary biocidal filter, developing a graphic display of sterilization cycles we call the “Cycle Count Usage Display” and a clip-on eye shield.

After the 2003 SARS epidemic, research showed that 43% of fatalities were healthcare workers. Many these workers put themselves at higher risk because they just couldn’t stand wearing uncomfortable, hot respiratory protection. Scores of 9/11 first responders fell seriously ill because they either had inferior masks or stopped wearing them due to comfort issues.

These terrifying examples which convinced our founder and inventor that a new solution was needed that would not only provide pathogen protection but allow light weight comfort and be manufactured domestically in the USA became our mission here at Waterford Mask.



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